I blog about books, shocking, I know. Every Friday I post a book review and then random articles in between. I like connecting with authors, other reviewers, and anyone else in the business so do not be shy. I have had a few guest posts and would welcome all ideas for anyone interested.

This is my hobby. As in, I do not make a living on book reviewing. For as much as I wish I could review everyone’s novel I simply just cannot. Please feel free to send me a request, I will try to accept at least one a month.

I will not accept erotica, young adult, or romance novels. However, eBooks (including Wattpad), printed books, and audio books formats are welcomed.

Professional Reader       https://embed.wattpad.com/follow/bookishwormy

Also a member of Amazon prime and Audible.

Contact information:

Twitter and Instagram @bookishwormy
Email at bookishwormyreviews@gmail.com for any questions.

How I rate:

One Star: Poor. There were significant issues throughout the entire book, not enjoyable, and perhaps not even worth finishing.

Two Stars: Okay. The book had maybe one or two likable qualities, however, had some fundamental issues.

Three Stars: Good. Enjoyable book, well written, and was an overall solid book but not too impactful.

Four Stars: Great. Book invoked real thought, hard to put down, and left me wanting more.

Five Stars: Life changing. Haunting, this has me lying in bed thinking about at night, my life will forever not be the same.

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