Tea with the Black Dragon


Tea with the Black Dragon

by R.A. MacAvoy

Four Stars

There is something special about this novel. It’s subtle and actually fairly uneventful. However, I could not control my interest I had with the black dragon, Mayland. His interest in the older woman, Martha, was simply refreshing. A romance that involves genuine love and interest.

Martha travels to San Fransico to find her daughter after a strange phone call. She meets Mayland at the hotel she is staying at. Together they help solve the mystery of her daughter and fall in love. Mayland is actually a dragon in human skin.He has been alive for a long time and has inhuman abilities.

Tea with the Black Dragon is classy. Classy is the best word I can describe the novel. It’s unusual  and is not that enthralling of a mystery but the characters. The characters are smooth. They feel like an old movie from the 20’s with suits and cigarettes. I loved it, recommended.




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