A Court of Thorns and Roses


A Court of Thorns and Roses

by Sarah J. Maas

Two Stars

Now I have vowed to no longer waste time on books that am not enjoying. Life, to me, is about reading what you love. I did not finish this novel, I tried and have been on and off reading this for almost a month now. I hate it.

I have been getting turned on by young adult novels for quite some time now. This novel caters to the audience of women and teens that idolize small women who find powerful men to help define themselves. There is a difference of a passionate romance and glorified domestic violence.

Every feminist bone in my body cringed at this novel. A young girl is taken from her home and forced to live with a strange much older man. She can not leave the house without an escort. So naturally she falls madly in love with her capture because he is sooo handsome. BARF.

Really ladies, this is a top seller?

The story about the fairies and the blight taking is what kept me interested. It has an interesting premise and is the only reason I made it even half way. Also, the only reason it is getting two stars.

Not recommended.


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