How to get Dirt Cheap Audio Books on Audible

Recently I have discovered the love and convenience of audio books. Also, recently discovered the unpleasant prices of audio books. Now services like actually do make it way more affordable if you are a dedicated listen. For people interested in very popular titles this is a way to go. Audible is $14.95 a month and most popular books are about $30 bucks or more each!

Anyway, there is a trick to get cheaper audio books. This trick works great for people who hunt those free or super cheap eBooks on amazon. Personally, I have nearly 500 titles in my kindle library. I have a problem…

Any who, this is a book  I had received as a Kindle First (Amazon Prime provides one free unpublished book a month). Totally free book that I am not sure I will ever find time to read. BUT look closely.


To add audio it is $1.99! So a book I received for free, I can add audio for dirt cheap. This is the trick to cheap audio books.

I won’t lie and say it will be this cheap for all novels but it is always cheaper to add audio than to just buy audio.  This trick works great for many of the popular Amazon authors and some older books.

Happy readings!

…er, listening!

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