After Dad

20664686A Bookish Wormy Review

After Dad

By Ralph Cohen

Tattersall Press

Four Stars

After Dad was not at all what I expected when I had agreed upon reading for a review. However, in no way was I disappointed. Cohen gives the opportunity of perspective by dedicating different chapters to each of his characters. With this compilation of short stories, you get to experience the true aftermath of this particular family’s tumor after the death of the father.  Also, with superior writing by Cohen makes After Dad is a delight to read.

The characters in this are intensely intricate and is really the highlight of the novel.  old in the perspective of each family member in different chapters, the whole picture becomes clear.  The novels depicts how this death shapes the lives of the wife, two daughters, and son that he leaves behind. There is an opportunity to form deep bonds with the characters, I felt very emotional throughout the novel.

It’s an unbelievably sad story, I mean all my hopes for the characters got crushed, hard. However, it is a beautiful novel just prepare yourself to read about pretty dark subjects that some may not be too keen on reading about. Reading about unpleasant subjects is not always something I am keen on, working in the social services field its hard to read about sexual violence or mental illness in too much detail. Nevertheless, it just made the story real; too real and kind of haunting.  The range of emotions I had throughout the novel is hard to describe.

There are some oddities in the novel that I may follow up asking the author about. They seem so purposefully done especially since Cohen’s displays blatant superior writing skills but I am not sure why either. One there is only one chapter in the point of view of a funeral director. Second, the son’s chapters are written in third person. If anyone has some theories let me know!

Also, thank you Ralph Cohen, for sending me a copy for an honest review.

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