Inevitable Ascension


An Aya Hikansu Review

Inevitable Ascension
by V.K. McAllister
Five Stars

This title is one of my favorites in the Sci-fi genre so far. It is full of suspense, adventure, mystery, and danger, which I think is a really good combination. I also find it quite fascinating to think about how this book was written. V.K. McAllister is not just one individual, but a husband and wife, who decided to write different sections of the story to add some flair. V.K. McAllister is an amazing duet of writers who made this story work perfectly. I love it. And the two main characters fit together perfectly in my opinion, which you will now hear.

Violina and Lux are two astounding characters who go through hell and back to save the world and each other. They travel through time to determine whether or not it is the time they were meant to change. They make more enemies than friends and are forced to suffer through it all. Lux is the only person Violina trusts, which also makes Lux her weakness. Violina goes through a lot, including being whipped, stranded, burned, nearly drowned, becoming immortal, and losing her only friend.

While going through life, if that’s what you want to call it, she has dealt with her pain, loss, and suffering, and it has made her stronger. While Violina is generally a pessimist, seeing all the bad in the world, Lux is slightly less pessimistic, occasionally seeing the beauty left behind, and loves to makes puns about the bad. She’s generally the type to say, “Hey, at least you have me, right?”

Violina’s biggest fear is, of course, of losing her one and only trusted and beloved friend/partner in crime, Lux. And then it actually happens. Which causes Violina to snap, planning to kill every “Blessed” with the help of two of her enemies aforementioned, who do not remember her.

















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