The Nest

51bNNg5XD0L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgA Bookish Wormy Review

The Nest

By Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

HarperCollins Publishers

Four Stars

Only since I began book blogging have I ever really payed much attention to the publisher. HarperCollins being one of the powerhouses in the industry, many authors complain about how unfair and how selective their choice of novels can be. I have read many indie and non-indie published books and I must say there is one difference: superior writing styles. The Nest was written so beautifully it’s almost not comparable to some indie books I have read. However,  indie writer’s tend to lack the team of editors many major publishers offer.

The Nest was borderline perfectly written and the story line was not necessary bad but it wasn’t the best either. When I think of the story line as a whole picture, not too much happened. It’s a contemporary fiction so it’s not a genre that generally has an action pack adventure involved but after the beginning scene not much happens. Just a casual explanation of one or two events.

Now having little that happens but written as beautifully as it was still made this book irresistible. The characters are really unique and well drawn out, by the end you feel like you have known some of them for years. Really got to understand the impact of some of these characters revelations and reconciliation. The Nest is like a really good independent film that you really liked but not too sure why.

The Nest is about a trust fund that the Plumb family calls their Nest. In one particular event with one of the Plumb children named Leo results in the trust fund getting nearly tapped out. Leo being grateful for the fund but guilty for taking the inheritance of his siblings, is determined to find the money to replace what he took. That’s the whole story really and the ending is what would most likely happen in real life. Ending isn’t too exciting but really an accurate assumption for this character’s personality.

So where this novel lacked in story it succeed in writing. I imagine having a team of editors at somewhere like HarperCollins you can really make any story sound great (not saying that the author is hack but I am sure the team helps a lot). Realization aside, I did devoured this book. I genuinely enjoyed the novel and half hope for more about the Plumb family. However, it always nice to point out that major publishers don’t necessarily put out the best novels. Also, indie authors can put out amazing work without the convenient use of a team of editors. But lets be honest, a team of editors does help make a bangin’ book.


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