As You Wake


A Bookish Wormy Review

As You Wake: In Your Dreams Series Book 2

By Amy Martin

Self Published through Amazon Digital Services

Three Stars

I particularly enjoyed the first book of this series and not that I necessary disliked the second novel but I was not particularly impressed. First, the story is solid and very original which is why I did enjoy the first novel so much. However, setting was the main highlight of the first novel and it’s hard to give the same credit to the second novel.

This one feels more of a teen novel as compared to a young adult novel. I did feel the target audience was more for a younger teen because of the maturity level of the characters. Which there is nothing wrong with but as a mid twenty year old, it’s hard to connect. I assume as a fourteen or fifteen year old I would have enjoyed this more.

My main issue with the novel was there were long periods of nothing happening. Zip and Kayla start to have more self discovery moments and it’s deep but one thought lasts twelve pages! The author details every single minor event or conversation and it takes forever for anything substantial to happen. It was too slow for my taste and I found my self skimming over part to see what would happen next.

It’s not a bad book or series and eventually I would like to finish the series but I will need a break. It’s well written and very interesting story but it is pretty slow. Definitely recommended for people who like science fiction or romance teen novels.

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