Through the Habitrials


A Bookish Wormy Review

Through the Habitrails: Life Before and After My Career in the Cubicles

By Jeff Nicholson

Dover Publications

Five Stars

Do you work in a cubicle? Has it been a fear of yours since you were a small child?

Yes and yes.

I happened to walk by this in my local library recently and I was immediately drawn. The comics are rather depressing but lets be honest, working in a cubicle is depressing. Working in a cubicle is creatively draining, life draining. And it’s not necessary the cubicle but the general design of the forty hour week of maximizing productivity.

Book is constructed of several short comics. All comics are about a man who works with some design agency and he hates it. He talks about the general feeling of being like a lab hamster and the crazy characters found in the work place. Many of his fears in and outside of work.

The comics are sometimes pretty humorous but most are somewhat intense. I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone who gets depressed reading depressing stuff or someone who actually likes their job. But if you want to relate to a book about your hated office job, look no further. This little set of comics made me realize how important it is to find what you enjoy. Life really is too short to hate forty hours of your week.

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