Camp Midnight

cover76821-mediumA Bookish Wormy Review

Camp Midnight

by Steven Seagle (Author),  Jason Katzenstein (Illustrator)

Image Comic Publisher

Five Stars

All middle schoolers and teenagers should take the time to give this comic a read. Loved, loved, loved this cute little graphic novel. It’s really a hilarious look at our perception of opening up to other people. The fact is it is scary and people do seem like monsters but if we allow others to see who we are then maybe we would make more meaningful connections.

The comic is about a young girl who is being sent to camp, oh no, right? She doesn’t want to go and spends majority of her time plotting on how she can escape the camp. Camp Midnight is an alternative camp that only allows monsters. She has to hide her true self to fit in or so she thinks.

Hilariously written and beautifully drawn. Has a far deeper meaning than this girl actually being suck with a camp full of monsters. I fell in love with the comic almost immediately and was hoping that the ending wouldn’t ruin it. Well it doesn’t so make sure you finish!

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