In Your Dreams


A Bookish Wormy Review

In Your Dreams (Book one of the In Your Dreams Series)

By Amy Martin

Publisher: Independent, sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC

Currently FREE on Amazon

Four Stars

Recently I have been on a young adult genre kick, it’s what all the book instagrammers are blogging about. However, I received book two of this series from a giveaway on Library Thing a bit ago and luckily book one is currently free. Being a bit discouraged by the ultra popular young adult books from major publishers being overly formulaic, I was excited to see what a indie author would do.

First, the protagonist, Zip, is a very believable character. Sixteen year old who has some basic self conscious issues of being overly plain and athletic. She plays for her high school basketball team and has an adequate amount of friends. Pretty common teenager who whines and worries about boys and basketball.

Then of course, she meets a young man, Kieran, who is beyond weird and changes her entire life. Kieran has narcolepsy but also carries an even more interesting secret that I won’t give away (however I believe it’s in the Amazon description). AND Zip only has eyes for Kieran! Finally a book where the protagonist doesn’t fall for every male that enters her life.

Book is oddly slow, as in not much happens, but I never loss interest. There is a lot of dialogue which was refreshing. In fact, the whole book was refreshing, there are young adult books without a lot of the nonsense that are found in a lot of the “major” books.  Left me questioning fate and if my brain does have untapped superhero powers.

Book one is definitely placing the setting for the next books. I will certainly be making an effort to finish this series. Book one was shortish at about 250 pages, so I found it a easy and quick read.

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