The Grownup


A Bookish Wormy Review

The Grownup

By Gillian Flynn

Crown Publishing

Released November 3, 2015

Four Stars

Sixty four pages of twists and turns that will make you think, “what the hell happened.” Definitely a thinker and a story to discuss. I read the short story in less than an hour, feel like it could have been longer and not sure why the author rushed it in sixty four pages. However, can’t say there was one boring part. Story moves quickly which is why I did enjoy this thriller.

Girl born on the wrong side of the tracks become a con artist from an early age and a hand job prostitute in her adult life (no joke, its the opening line). Her most recent con is being a psychic reader. She is attempting to help a client that is having haunting issues with her home and stepson.

Then boom, a million and one things happen. Really recommended this for any thriller or horror lovers. Enjoy!

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