The Hospital: The First Mountain Man Story

511XKIDHiFL._AA300_A Bookish Wormy Review

The Hospital: The First Mountain Man Story

By: Keith C. Blackmore

Podium Publishing

Three Stars

Today I had a rather long commute for work, I decided last minute to download an audio-book. There are a handful of FREE audio-books on Amazon, I was pleasantly surprised. Most are really short, The Hospital was under hour and thirty minutes but hey, it’s free. 

The short story was pretty intense, lots of gore, lots of cursing, and many uncomfortable moments. This is a zombie survival story in which the absolute worst happens for our poor, unsuspecting protagonist. Like seriously, the worst. Which leads to my main complaint, it seemed to be gory and brutal for shock value. I understand some enjoy some gory shock value but it doesn’t do too much for me. 

However, I did not dislike the story. It was good and made my car ride way more enjoyable at seven am. The voice actor was pretty good too, he kept it interesting.  Also, for being free it is totally worth a listen.

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