April Kindle First Books

My favorite email every month Amazon’s Kindle First email. An email that consists of usually six decent books, some of which I have reviewed on Bookish Wormy. You can choose one for FREE, no strings attached. They encourage reviews and I always do but you really do not have too. I’ve let them pile up the past few months too, I hate to admit. I think soon, I will dedicated a month to catching up on Kindle First books.

Book picks for April:


 6th Choice

Blood Defense by Marcia Clark

Legal Thriller about the O.J. Simpson Case

1st choice

Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan

Suspense novel about a family dealing with grief

5th Choice

The Golden Age: The Shifting Tides by James Maxwell

Fantasy novel about an king’s determination to get into heaven

3rd choice

The Secret Healer by Ellin Carsta

Historical Fiction novel about a young woman’s ability to heal and the Church’s reaction

4th Choice

The Eagle Tree: The Remarkable Story of a Boy and a Tree by Ned Hayes

Literary fiction novel about a boy’s love for trees and what he is willing to do for them

2nd Choice

Star Sand by Roger Pulvers

War Fiction about a young girl’s unlikely patriotism during WWII


Deliver Her is what I chose, what did you choose?

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