March wrap up

Skyline of Chao Praya river with a dark stormy sky


Seven hundred pages of existential thinking, zombies, and emotional attachments to fictional characters. This book is simply fun. Escape into a world of sarcasm and despair. Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus (who seem like pretty cool peeps) are Amazon bestselling authors, with their 6th full length novel The Scattered and the Dead book 1. Available March 31st on Amazon, today! Go buy!




Romantic historical fiction that is a guaranteed to squeeze out a tear of anyone. WWII novel that highlights the discrimination of Catholics and Protestants in Great Britain. Simply gorgeous. Fall in love with a romance that may ruin your own. Camille Di Maio (also an awesome lady) is a debuting novelist with a career I eagerly look forward to. Available May 31st on Amazon, Pre-order now!




Three Stars

Paranormal magical fantasy short stories from the realm of Heliodor. Independent author Clive Culverhouse’s teaser book for his debut novel The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits.
Available now on Amazon.

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