The Legend of Heliodor


The Legend of Heliodor: Tales from the Realm

By: Clive Culverhouse

Publisher: Independent, sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC

Three Stars

Book of short stories from the Heliodor realm, a teaser book for the author’s main book The Legend Of Heliodor: The Crystal Spirits. There is nothing necessarily wrong with the short stories but also nothing that will rock your sock either.

The author is certainly creative and is can write academically well but I found the writing dry. The target audience was unclear. Writing seemed to target children because it was very direct. However, some stories held some darker tones which would seem more appropriate for teens.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a terrible read. Can absolute see some people with more of a preference towards fantasy genres enjoy this book more than I did. There is some fantastic nerd stuff about rocks and crystals if that is your thing.


Side note

I am not entirely sure I am a fan of these 0.5 books or teaser books, they seem odd to me. “Here’s what could have been in my book but its not…” I somewhat understand from a marketing stand point but as a reader it kind of just annoys me. Let me just read the book…

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