The Memory of Us

A Bookish Wormy Review


The Memory of Us

by: Camille Di Maio

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Five Stars

Breathtaking, gorgeous, heart breaking, and has me rambling off random words. I was nearly winded by the end, emotional exhausted. My heart fluttered and crumbled into pieces all at once throughout the book. Beautiful and purely talented writing that was noticeable from the beginning takes you on a journey that you won’t want to put down.

Camille Di Maio raises the standards of all men out there, my heart goes out to the boyfriends and husbands of book worms.  A romantic historical fiction with an unique setting, twist, and end. I found myself reading at work and ignoring my own romantic life to remain in the world this author presents, I was obsessed! Not sure if I have ever had such a range of emotions in any other book. Feelings ranged from giddiness of a school girl to pure devastation.  This is a romantic tale that will not be forgotten easily.

You follow the life of Julianne from her late teens to her demise, all in 400 pages. I could have read about Julianne easily for 100 pages more but preferably for 300 pages more, her story was irresistibly striking. However, this is just my selfish opinion. Julianne on the surface is pretty generic but once acquainted you discover a dynamic woman who you long to befriend. The author perfected character development and is the main highlight of this novel.

Author states that she wrote this inspired from the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby. Never did I quite understand that song till now – mainly because I never thought about it. The time period of WWII was fascinating, mostly because you never leave Great Britain. Really never highlighted the actual war too much, just the life of a woman from a wartime. How devastating war can be on civilians; before, during, and after. And interestingly enough, the primary discriminatory conflict in the novel was between the Catholics and Protestants as well as some social class too. Just a unique and not commonly told perspective of this time period.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“The bloody radio was playing like a movie soundtrack to my life.”

“And with that one word, he said a thousand.”

“I find myself living from letter to letter, and every day in between them is just about surviving until the next one.”

“The memory of her pained me more than my wounds.”

Camille Di Maio, The Memory of Us: A Novel

Camille Di Maio is a debuting novelist and I feel so honored to have had an opportunity to be an early reviewer for her. I have no doubt her fan base will grow rapidly but I’d like to state that I was her number one fan first. Thank you Camille Di Maio! I will be anxiously waiting for your next work and buying the printed copy for my personal collection.


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