The Fiery Heart

An Aya Hikansu review

The Fiery Heart
The 4th book of the Bloodlines Series
By Richelle Mead

Five Stars

In this book, Sydney has a few more issues, being as she now has to deal with her sister, Zoe, among her regular things she does for her mission on a daily basis. If you can’t tell by now that this series is a must-read, just by the fact that I’ve gotten this far, then now you’ve learned. Sydney has decided to take the plunge with Adrian as well, but finds it a bit difficult to come up with an excuse to give Zoe sometimes. Also, Sydney has gotten more comfortable with her magic use, going as far as to let Eddie and a new dhampir, Neal, know about it.

One of the many issues that our main character faces in this book is her parents’ divorce, struggling to keep Zoe free from the Alchemists’ leash, so to speak. she tries to get Zoe to see their mother’s side, but has issues as to when her dad shows up to tell Zoe how much of a terrible parent their mother actually is. So, naturally, the family is crumbling, but Sydney will manage to pull through this issue, as she does with all others, I can feel it.

Behind the scenes, to only Adrian’s knowledge, she also continues to use her magic to help Marcus and his “Merry Men” as Adrian has named them, by making an invisible ink that will take the magic out of the Alchemist tattoos. Before this occurs, though, she learns that the fact that she is a magic user now also lessens the tattoo’s magic. She learns this from an elderly witch that she and Adrian, as well as Jaclyn Terwiliger, her history teacher/magical authority.

Adrian can’t help but play around with this trip, though. He finds the setting in which the elderly witch they visit lives. Saying things like this:

“Isn’t there a Giant Muffler Man in Escondido? Do we have time for a photo op?”         -Adrian Ivashkov

I find this quote rather amusing, since I live in Escondido and walk past that statue every Tuesday. A lot of things start to fall into place in this book, which I feel makes it an even more exciting read than the first three.


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