The Indigo Spell

An Aya Hikansu Review

The Indigo Spell
The 3rd book of the Bloodlines Series
By Richelle

Five Stars

The Indigo Spell is the third book out of six in the Bloodlines series, which I will write separately in order to conserve your time. This book, as with the first of the series, Bloodlines, follows our main character, Sydney, as she goes through ever more problems. A new dhampir has joined their little “family” in this book. Angeline is a bit rambunctious and irresponsible and tends to get on almost everyone’s nerves, joins the group as a cousin. In my opinion, Angeline to the group makes it even more difficult to put down than the first two. The series is all-together a great read.

In this book, though, Sydney begins to doubt the organization, aforementioned in my Bloodlines review, is not really as pristine and perfect as she had thought. She has also developed some strong emotions toward her “brother” Adrian, who also feels the same about her. She goes through a bit of a rough time in this book, with her magic use, her newfound love for Adrian(who will be covered in The Golden Lily), her doubts toward the Alchemists(the organization), amongst other things.

She makes some new friends, as well as enemies while on her mission in Palm Springs. One friend being Marcus, whom she tracks down in order to learn the Alchemists intentions. Marcus is, in fact, an ex-Alchemist who has rebelled and gone his own way. An enemy group has also appeared and have very similar feelings toward vampires as the Alchemists do, only they take it out on all vampires. This group is referred to as the “Warriors of Light”, being as the vampires are often referred to as “creatures of darkness”. At the end of this book, Zoe, Sydney’s sister joins her on her mission, and it gets even more interesting from there.

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