An Aya Hikansu Review


By: Richelle Mead

Five Stars

Bloodlines is a exemplary book for anyone who enjoys a good supernatural romance novel. It’s got a few unexpected events played into the storyline, but that’s what makes it so entertaining. When I began reading it, like with most books I read, I just could not put it down.

It’s set in the eyes of a main female character named Sydney, who is part of an organization that is in charge of keeping the vampire world a secret from humans. The organization also has to help keep vampire affairs in order, to keep them under wraps. They only interact with one of the two different kinds of vampires set in this series. There are Moroi, which look more human and are typically more accustomed to sunlight, unlike their counterparts the Strigoi, who will attack anyone if they are hungry enough, feel no remorse for what they do, and will die if they are put in direct sunlight. Fortunately for you, not many Strigoi appear in the book, but if they do, they are usually fought off or killed rather quickly.

Sydney is stationed on a mission in Palm Springs with a few other characters brought up many times through the series. They are all part of the Moroi Court(the Moroi government) and are there in order to protect the Moroi princess Jill while her sister, the queen, tries to amend some laws that are the reason Jill was put in Sydney’s custody in the first place. Sydney and Jill are also joined by Eddie, a dhampir(half Moroi, half human), and they are all undercover as siblings at a high school in Palm Springs.

Sydney is often the life-saver and the problem-solver for this ragtag “family” as they go through the difficulties of ordinary life, which for them, turns out harder than they are all used to.

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