The Good Neighbor

good neighborThe Good Neighbor

By: A.J. Banner

Four stars

This is the exact book you hope to have on a long car ride or airplane ride. Story is literally thrilling by the first chapter and keeps the pace till the last page. So much DRAMA, which sometimes can be annoying and unnecessary but the author really makes it tie into the story quite well and made the story so juicy! This is a classic thriller mystery that will have you guessing all the way to the end.

The Good Neighbor is told in a first person perspective (which is the best in thriller mysteries in my opinion) of Sarah. She is a victim of an unexpected fire and that exposes the past of her husband as well as the questionable judgement of many of her acquaintances in town. The fire was a great metaphor for the story, I thought, as in once the smoke clears, everything is exposed. This character faces trauma and the reader get to see some character development. Sarah goes from a sweet loving wife to a paranoid mess of a woman, really superb.

Author drops hints throughout most of the book but I personally did not expect the ending. Who doesn’t love a good and crazy twist that was right under your nose the whole time?  Most of the book, you are lead to believe that someone else was responsible for the fire but you know it is too easy. At one point I even believed it and thought this is kind of lame but no, must finish the book!

Only criticism was I would have like to had some more time learning more about the other neighbors. Sarah gets to the point where she almost expects everyone is a suspect but really the story only highlights one suspect. The book had a ton of characters but you barely knew any of them. However, this is only nitpicking, great book. Recommend this read to everyone.

Oh, yeah, it’s written pretty well too. Here are some of my favorite lines I saved.

Love – mysterious, inexplicable perhaps, self-destructive. I felt bereft without him, like a ghost pretending to live.

Deep, huh?

Don’t panic. Pilots don’t panic when their planes flip upside down. Astronauts don’t panic if they run out of air. They work to correct the problem. Panic does not save lives.

…my new life mantra, thanks Banner.

Available on Amazon

Amazon Description:

Shadow Cove, Washington, is the kind of town everyone dreams about—quaint streets, lush forests, good neighbors. That’s what Sarah thinks as she settles into life with her new husband, Dr. Johnny McDonald. But all too soon she discovers an undercurrent of deception. And one October evening when Johnny is away, sudden tragedy destroys Sarah’s happiness.

Dazed and stricken with grief, she and Johnny begin to rebuild their shattered lives. As she picks up the pieces of her broken home, Sarah discovers a shocking secret that forces her to doubt everything she thought was true—about her neighbors, her friends, and even her marriage. With each stunning revelation, Sarah must ask herself, Can we ever really know the ones we love?


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