The Dead Key

indexThe Dead Key

By: D.M. Pulley

Four Stars

This book borderlines on five stars due to the fact that I just loved this book! However, this is a great book but not necessary life changing. I purposely make make five stars hard to obtain so that when I do rate a book five stars you know it is special. Nevertheless, I just could not put this book down and for a fairly long book, 340 page, I completed the book in two days. Action packed and suspenseful from beginning to end.

The story is constructed so that it is told from the perspective of two young women from two different time periods. Both are connected to this specific bank in Cleveland, Ohio. The girl in the future, Iris, is a with an architecture firm that was hire to do some work on the old abandoned building and the girl in the past, Beatrice, works at the bank as a secretary.  The bank holds seemingly endless secrets which both girls begin to notice and become rather curious about.

Author constructs a beautifully  written and well planned story with several complex characters. Although the book takes some time to pick up, I found the build up helped introduce the characters and the overall setting. Issue with jumping timelines and lots of suspense is having a confused reader but I just found myself wanting more rather than confused. The book could have possible done without some scenes and beginning was a little slow but other than that I had no complaints. Recommend this read to anyone.

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Amazon Description:

It’s 1998, and for years the old First Bank of Cleveland has sat abandoned, perfectly preserved, its secrets only speculated on by the outside world.

Twenty years before, amid strange staff disappearances and allegations of fraud, panicked investors sold Cleveland’s largest bank in the middle of the night, locking out customers and employees, and thwarting a looming federal investigation. In the confusion that followed, the keys to the vault’s safe-deposit boxes were lost.

In the years since, Cleveland’s wealthy businessmen kept the truth buried in the abandoned high-rise. The ransacked offices and forgotten safe-deposit boxes remain locked in time, until young engineer Iris Latch stumbles upon them during a renovation survey. What begins as a welcome break from her cubicle becomes an obsession as Iris unravels the bank’s sordid past. With each haunting revelation, Iris follows the looming shadow of the past deeper into the vault—and soon realizes that the key to the mystery comes at an astonishing price

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