Mineko: Book of Sisters


Mineko: Book of Sisters

By: RG Dillon

Four Stars

Reading this book in all in one sitting, I cannot fathom saying negative remarks about this book. This is a classic bad ass woman seeking revenge from some dreadful people, which is so Kill Bill. There is no sugar coating the horror this poor character, Mineko, suffers throughout the book. Story is violent and gruesome with times that it is almost hard to read the pain this character witnesses and receives. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the characters.

Story is about this young Japanese girl named Mineko in the 17th century, which I personally love and find to be an unbelievably interesting location and time period. Mineko’s life has been simply horrible, from losing her family to many years of abuse and torture. This is the story about her revenge. What is cooler than that?

Author does well conveying this story to the reader. You simply fall in love with some of the characters and despise the others. There is even a love story that will melt your heart out of your chest. Book was fast and I would have enjoyed another hundred pages or so. Author lays an understanding of the complexity of his characters but does not completely give his reader the full understanding of them. I recommend this read, however, this book may make you uncomfortable.


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Amazon Description:

Brutal Samurai invade your home, murdering family, servants and guards in front of you. Your sister and you, as the only survivor’s, are whisked away to a desolate mountain castle. You later watch through tear-drenched eyes as she is ripped from your arms and taken away.

You are only six years old.

This is Mineko’s life. This is how her childhood in 17th century Japan began. For the next decade, Mineko endures as she learns to survive in a world filled with hate, terrifying abuse, violence and hunger. All the while she dreams of two things; a sister that one day returns to save her – and of someone to love. But little girls grow up and little girls learn. And little sisters never forget. The only difference between revenge and vengeance is the intensity of the punishment that is inflicted – and Mineko will settle for nothing less than extreme vengeance.

Set in 17th century Japan, “Mineko” is a rich, evocative, harsh and violent saga of a young girl’s quest for vengeance.

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